1. Does FILAM REIVA provide leads and/or call lists? Which markets are available?

  • We source our fully skip-traced lead lists from well-trusted sources to serve our clients. Our lead lists are subject to availability.  We DO NOT guarantee sales performance results from our lead lists.  All clients are welcome to source their own skip-traced lead lists.


2. What phone dialers do the Cold Callers (CCs) use to call the leads?

  • Our clients can either use our recommended dialers:
    • SMRT Dialer
    • ReadyMODE
  • Or use another dialer of their choice (additional CC training required with a minimum of 1hr)


3. Direct-to-Seller (DTS) or Direct-to-Agent (DTA)

  • FILAM REIVA Cold Callers are currently fully trained for Direct-to-Seller (DTS) marketing.
  • Direct-to-Agent (DTA) training coming soon!


4. How frequent are staff trained?

  • All REI VA packages include 1/hr of weekly paid training for each position.  This is NOT an additional fee.  This is a required portion of the weekly work hour schedule.


5. When do I need to hire an Acquisition Manager (AQ) and Disposition Manager (DP)?

  • Our clients are welcome to hire or terminate acquisition and/or disposition services at any time.
  • We typically recommend hiring an Acquisition Manager (AQ) when there are 3-5 leads in the pipeline.


6. I don’t have any funds available for the Earnest Money Deposit (EMD), what do I do?

  • We have multiple partners available to source EMD and provide opportunities to joint venture (JV) to close your deal (also known as “Gator Funding”).


7. Is there a commission structure in place for my VA’s?

  • No. Commissions are highly encouraged to motivate your team but not required. Our clients pay commissions to their teams at their own discretion.  Commission structure samples are available upon request.


8. When will I get my first closed deal?

  • There are many factors that determine the success of our clients. The one factor that remains constant is the highest number of contacts provides the highest number of opportunities.  Therefore, the highest number of opportunities provide the highest success.  We do not guarantee sales results and encourage all to review our Terms and Conditions.


9. Cash Deals vs. Creative Finance (i.e. Seller Finance or Subject To)

  • Our staff is heavily trained and experienced in the cash deal real estate wholesaling industry.  Creative Finance training is on its way.  In the meantime, clients are welcome to provide Creative Finance training to their team at their discretion.


10. How do the Acquisition Managers comp properties?

  • Our Acquisition Managers provide “comp” (comparable property) reports from at least 4 websites for every lead from the cold callers.  Our clients are encouraged to provide their preferred “comping” strategies when determining property values.


11. Which CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) do you use?

  • FILAM REIVA LLCs cold callers are currently using Podio as the preferred CRM



  • Majority of Virtual Assistant companies provide cold calling services. Some specialize in real estate acquisitions, and other companies specialize in dispositions. FILAM REIVA LLC is a virtual powerhouse where your wholesaling business can operate all in one roof.Our proven systems allow our clients to manage all 3 areas of real estate wholesaling:  
    • Lead Generation
    • Lead Conversion to Contracts 
    • Disposition
  • Even with these systems in place, our services are fully customizable to fit your wholesaling/ RE investment needs and criteria.